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I've been running a blog over on Atariage.com for a while now and I've come to the realization that I need to spread out a little more. So with that in mind I will be posting my reviews here on WordPress. I hope you all can find enjoyment from these ancient games just as I... Continue Reading →

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Halloween (Wizard Video) Atari 2600 Game Review

Look I know it’s not the season for scary games, but every season is a good season for Atari, so without further ado… Halloween. Halloween suffered the same fate as Mystique and Playaround’s offerings. Due to the adult nature of the games they were hidden behind the counter and only taken out if the customer... Continue Reading →

Home Run (Atari) Atari 2600 Game Review

It is generally understood that many 2600 game simply don’t hold up, especially the earlier ones.  Usually this was due to the fact that these were the first of their kind ever released on home console and the console itself was a very limiting factor. I initially wasn’t even going to review this game because I... Continue Reading →

Nova 9 (Dynamix) DOS Game Review

So, what’s new today? Well, its big box PC games, if normal game boxes weren’t big enough then these monsters will scratch your itch. Standard console game boxes are absolutely dwarfed by these behemoths, but this can have some positive effects. The artwork on some of these boxes is absolutely fantastic, and there’s something so... Continue Reading →

Marine Wars (Konami) Atari 2600 Game Reviews

We’re back again with one of the most unlikely of Atari publishers, Konami. Konami released a grand total of three games for the 2600, Pooyan (an arcade conversion), Strategy X (an arcade conversion), and Marine Wars. I’m not calling Marine Wars an arcade conversion even though there was a machine made with the same name... Continue Reading →

Tooth Protectors (DSD Camelot)

Well, with the advent of my UNO Cart I know have the entire NTSC Atari 2600 library at my disposal. What game should I review/play first? Hmmm, there are so many to choose from… How about Tooth Protectors from Johnson & Johnson programmed by DSD Camelot. TP is not as well known as Chase the... Continue Reading →

Berzerk (Atari) Atari 2600 Game Review

Berzerk is an undeniable classic; everybody likes Berzerk it seems, apart from me. I’m not a fan of Berzerk but I can’t deny its legacy. Berzerk was one of the earliest top-down shooters and also one of the earliest games to have voice sampling. Inevitably the game was ported onto the 2600 where it maintained... Continue Reading →

Z-Tack (Bomb) Atari 2600 Game Review

It’s uncommon in this day and age for there to be zero information on something, it seems that everything has a Wikipedia page or an article explaining it somewhere. Bomb has no Wikipedia page nor does it have any articles, Bomb has nothing but word of mouth, and frankly I haven’t heard any of it... Continue Reading →

Raft Rider (U.S. Games) Atari 2600 Game Review

The videogame market was a battleground, everybody and their grandma were duking it out seeing who could get the biggest slice of that delicious money pie. Smaller companies stuck to the burgeoning market of home computers, though some did strike into the more lucrative console market, usually with very mixed results. Larger companies though, had... Continue Reading →

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